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COVID-19 Solutions

COVID-19 has completely turned our lives upside-down. There’s a lot of uncertainty which can leave us feeling anxious and scared. During this COVID-19 time, we need to implement learning methods that ensure the protection of our students, teachers and staff.  With this, I support virtual, distanced learning, because the health and safety of our students, teachers and families are the most important. As your next Oak Grove School Board Trustee, I will work to reallocate the funds used specifically for in-person learning to support the costs of virtual, distanced learning. 

COVID-19 has cast a spotlight onto many of the inequities and injustices in our communities. As your Oak Grove School Board Trustee, I will prioritize expanding consistent WiFi and Internet access for the 30% of the Oak Grove students who need that assistance to succeed. In these first few months of the shelter-in-place, Oak Grove School Board has done some great work, but the job is not yet finished. It is only a job well done, when the job is complete. 

As your Trustee, I will work with local internet providers to get our students free WiFi hotspots. I plan to work with tech companies to get internet access to all our students. I will strive to ensure that the learning packets continue to be distributed to students for helpful learning guidance. Every child deserves an equal opportunity to succeed. As your Trustee, I will work to make an equitable and just education a reality for all of our students -- especially our most vulnerable and underserved.


Paid for by Allie Hughes for Oak Grove School Board 2020, FPPC# 1427776
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