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Priorities and Solutions

We all want our lives to go back to normal, and live in a world that is no longer affected by Covid-19. During these unprecedented times, we need a School Board Trustee that has a plan for life during Covid-19 and after Covid-19. At such a critical time, we must remain committed to our students and prevent them from falling behind.

I’m running for Oak Grove School Board because I believe that education is a right and not a privilege. Education is a necessary tool for a child’s future success because learning offers opportunities to discover their passions and dreams. Each child should have the right to equal access and opportunity in their education. There have been issues of inequity and injustice in our communities long before Covid-19 shown a spotlight onto them. 

As your next Oak Grove School Board Trustee, I fully support the current board’s recent implementation of ethnic studies classes into the curriculum. It is a priority of mine to further develop and establish these classes because they are important, necessary, and long overdue in schools. We need to show children that all different backgrounds, cultures, and ethnicities are worthy and should be studied and celebrated. 

Schools offer children the space to discover their passions; they should have a range of activities, regardless of their economic background. About 30% of the families in Oak Grove School District are economically disadvantaged. It is very common for a parent to be working long hours at multiple jobs to make ends meet. Children should be given a variety of options for after school programs such as sports, art, theatre, and music.

These activities give the children the opportunity to stay productively engaged, while also discovering their passions that can help guide them towards future success. As your Oak Grove School Board Trustee, I will work to create equal access and opportunity to after school programs for all our children so they can discover their life’s skills, interests, and potential.  


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